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Excess Inventory Solution
Our Vsolution Inventory Liquidation Group is composed of inventory management experts, who are committed to offering customized excess stock management solutions that meet our customers' unique and ever-changing needs. Our group is extremely flexible in its approach to asset recovery programs and seeks both to optimize the inventory liquidation process and to minimize the risks of stock depreciation.
Vsolution's Real-time Demand and Inventory Matching System provides our customers with a breakthrough solution that effectively streamlines the status of excess inventory and maximizes the return. All excess stock data are daily updated into the system for an in-depth review and analysis. The experts in our Inventory Liquidation Group can pinpoint every single line item and match it against the current market demand and potential opportunities. It is integrated with millions of records of cross-references from manufacturers’ part numbers to the internal part numbers, which helps to identify known users of specific parts by mapping them to the extensive market supply and demand data that we capture on our global trading floors.
Vsolution specializes in customized management programs that help align our customer's needs and requirements with Vsolution's capabilities. Ongoing communication with customers allows our experts to find the most up-to-date information on existing and potential inventory. Our customized management programs offer both single line item transaction and package solutions. In addition, they provide a solution for site supply chain analysis, which enables our customers to proactively solve their inventory problems onsite.


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