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Long Term Order

Thanks to extensive sourcing network and substantial customer base, we boast unique advantage in supply of many materials at the best possible pricing. For anyone who is seeking long term support with cost-efficient solutions, Vsolution is definitely the favorite destination.

Today’s electronic manufacturing service is one of the most competitive industries. Conventional purchase of line items on a bill-of-materials (BOM) is set to a standard cost, which can only generate 5-10% gross profit for the manufacturer.

Vsolution’s Sourcing Specialists, using our state-of-the-art information systems, are able to draw on company expertise and technology resources to find the best purchase opportunities; 10-20% cost-off contractual pricing helps keep our customers ahead of the rest in the industry.

PPV Project: Keys to Success
Proactive PPV procurement for minimizing cost requires the following:

Acceptable Manufacturer Part Numbers: The customer should provide the valid and accurate part numbers, as well as the relative brand names. We welcome cross-referenced part numbers, since Vsolution’s Sourcing Specialists are willing to try more supply channels. End products: Project names and consistent demand feeds are essential for getting extra support from world-class franchised distributors. Standard Costs Included: This enables Vsolution’s Sourcing Specialists to know whether they can match customer expectations.



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