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Critical Components Supply

Whether you’re seeking to reduce extended lead times or to locate allocated, obsolete and end-of-life electronic component parts, semiconductors, and other products, Vsolution has the supply-chain expertise to resolve your material shortages. With Vsolution and its established OEM and CEM community as your partner, you can move quickly and discreetly to source constrained products before a shortage situation adversely affects market prices.

To take good care of customers all around the world we keep the company running 7 days*24 hours to keep them informed with the most updated information.After quality assurance inspection the product will be delivered to customers thru a door-door express network by Vsolution’s logistics center which located in Hong Kong within 3-5 days.

Components shortages--products that are temporarily unavailable through the standard purchasing channels (for example, parts highly allocated due to production limit, shifts in requirements, carrying out new projects or Obsolete/EOL) can delay production and may lead to lost business opportunities. Manufacturers often turn to the spot market when they have encountered such problem. Sourcing in the open market, however, is both time-consuming and somewhat risky. What comes to be the most judicious choice to make for manufacturers?

Manufacturers turn to the spot market when they have encountered, or when they on the verge of encountering, a line down situation. Sourcing in the open market, however, is both time-consuming and runs the risk of acquiring faulty products, often with drastic consequences for the manufacturers’ tight schedule.

With impressive spot-buy experience and a cutting-edge integrated solution, Vsolution is committed to meeting and exceeding customer demand and satisfaction through the process outlined below:

Globally sourcing, 7*24 operations, "1 hours feedback to you
Stock delivery, 3 to 5 days
Quality guarantee, 100% new and original
Most competitive price gained from 6500 suppliers and 800 manufacturers
The reliable partner with EMS/OEM/ODM Manufactories

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